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Breaking down barriers in academia
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Academia is Obsessed with Publications
Scholarly communication is overwhelmed by commercial publishing companies. So is academia with publishing.

Researchers are under pressure to publish more papers, and more publications means more profits for publishers, rather than genuine sciences.
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Introducing Pluto
Global research environment suffers under a distorted structure. Watch the infographic to see how Pluto's tackling the problems in scholarly communication.
What Pluto Does
Scholarly Communication
for Researchers, Powered by Researchers

Autonomy & Decentralization

Scholarly communication on Pluto is governed by researchers, and no single individual or group has control of the system.

Collaborations & Incentives

Researchers on Pluto are encouraged to actively share their information, and put reviews on peers' works. Any forms of academic activities on Pluto are properly compensated.

Open & Transparent

Pluto makes scholarly communication as transparent as possible. Information is kept clearly visible to anybody, and publishing and reviewing processes are transparent and open to users.

Our Vision
To break down
the barriers in academia
Centralized scholarly communication is one of the absurd obstacles in research community.
Beginning with decentralizing it, Pluto aims to remove any barriers in science,
to enable anyone to fully realize potential as a scientist, and to accelerate the advancement of science.
How Pluto Works
Blockchain Technology takes Scholarly Communication to Whole New Level

Contribution & Reputation

Any academic activities on Pluto, including peer-reviews, are transparently recorded on public blockchain ledgers, and depending on the contribution made with them, researchers are compensated with their reputations.

Decentralized Publishing

The process of publicizing research findings is decentralized on Pluto, including its peer review system. Credits on research works and their copyrights are reserved for the original authors.

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