Decentralized Scholarly Communication Platform
PLUTO makes scholarly communication reasonable and transparent.
Research resources for scientific development are being wasted
due to ineffective academic communications.
Costs for scholarly communication is estimated to be $ 77.8 billion which accounts for 1/3 of total costs for research activities.
This is because academic publishers demand high subscription and publication fees based on their past influence.
Nonetheless, academic publishers are not doing their jobs properly, such as passing hundreds of fake reviews.
Rather, they give researchers unnecessary procedures and make them spend excessive resources to share research results.
PLUTO makes Scholarly Communication Reasonable and Transparent,
independent from Capital, Authority, and Centralization.
PLUTO opens a new chapter in future academic society

Communication and collaboration in all phases of research

Various forms of research achievements can be shared effectively, enabling communication and collaboration in all phases of research.

Fair opportunities for researchers

Alienated researchers are also given the opportunity to be recognized and reasonably funded so that they can contribute to the advancement of the scientific community.

Research for science development, not for paper publication

Since researchers can get away with the traditional research practices that are focused on simply increasing the number of papers, they can do research in true sense.

Blockchain Technology takes Scholarly Communication to Whole New Level
Scholarly Communication is a circulating system where academic contents are created, evaluated, shared, and reused. PLUTO makes a decentralized platform by putting this process onto blockchains.


Through PLUTO, research achievements are totally owned and managed by original authors, not publishers.


Researchers independently creates, evaluates, and disseminates the contents, without third party involvement


PLUTO eliminates possibility of any fabrication, manipulation, or fraud in scholarly communications.

For a deeper look at PLUTO

Read the white paper
The fair chance given to researchers accelerates science development.
Resources are saved by reasonably distributing compensation and reputation for scholarly contributions.
They are again used for accelerating development of science and human society.
A Proof-of-Concept prototype will be launched in November 2017,
where Cryptocurrency related research articles, whitepapers, and technical blogs will be shared and evaluated.
Join the great Innovation on Scholarly Communication with PLUTO