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Problem with
the research environment
Universities have always subscribed to journal publications and other published materials for their students, faculties, and researchers. Meanwhile, publishers have raised their subscription prices, monopolized the journal market, and created undecipherable bundling of journals and services.

This has led to libraries and universities to maintain resources at unbearable costs. Because of this, the researchers and scholars who actually produce and continue to produce the work suffer the most.
More power to libraries,
More access for researchers
In order to create a scholar-friendly environment that efficiently provides resources to scholars and researchers, Pluto has developed the following features on a cloud-based platform to better meet the needs of both universities and researchers.
Academic Search Engine: Scinapse
Powerful and intuitive search with access to all licensed journals regardless of vendor.
Discovery Service
for all subscriptions and licensed journals regardless of vendor
Journal Subscription Manager
Optimize your resources for your users.
Analytics & Reporting
Provide data analytics by users and help identify unnecessary and duplicate subscriptions, research patterns, paper requests, and more.
Customized version of scinapse for your institution with their respective subscriptions and online resources. Enable on&off campus access of subscriptions and papers via existing university portal.
Assess True Usage
Provide management and data analysis support for libraries based on their users’ activity as well as millions of other user activity. Help track on & off-campus usage
Provide data-driven suggestions to cut subscription costs and meet budget reduction targets. Provide insights to user behavior, unindexed metadata, user support, and more.
Proper indexing of all available journals on scinapse as well as all subscriptions licensed for the university - no duplicate search result ensured.
Our solution indexes and processes everything on the cloud. We help migrate ERP & current system to the cloud. All your subscriptions are carefully indexed.
Journal Marketplace *coming soon
Only subscribe to journals that are necessary.
Select Your Subscriptions
"Unbundle" existing subscription plans and only select journals that are necessary for your institution. Most OA & free publications will be updated to our database.
Provide clear data on how your researchers search for papers and access journals. Know your researchers' needs by discipline and department.
Reduce Your Cost
Identify and end unnecessary subscriptions. Purchase requested individual papers and journals at low cost and keep processing fees at minimum.
Easily add and end subscriptions to journals and index your resources in no time to add to your customized search database.
Payments* (2021)
Allow individual users, authors, institutions, corporate, and publishers to make and accept payments on our platform.
No More
We help you reduce cost in subscriptions and reach your budget reduction targets.
Know your
researchers' needs
What your research users do not need is equally important as what they do need. We help you identify them subscription by subscription, journal by journal.
A simple, efficient, high-powered platform and interface that both researchers and librarians can actually enjoy using.
Interface & Paper Duplicates
*duplicate results may occur due to error in metadata aggregation, duplicate subscription, or indexing error
Other notable features
User-friendly (Research-friendly) interface
Online support and online management of user data
Supports semantic search / keyword search
Proxy service
Provide additional licensing resources and support
Support for consortium
Most relevant and efficient results based on citation count, journal IF, Conferences tier, authors' h-index, published date
Provide Open Access resources
(provide link to pre-prints of OA journals and non-oa journals)
Provide preprint repositories available within institution/university
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